Marketers’ Top To-Do for 2016 is Personalization

Rachel Eisenhauer January 05, 2016
Marketers’ Top To-Do for 2016 is Personalization

Every digital marketer or advertiser is having the same thought right now. It goes something like this: “Where and how should we direct our spending for 2016?” Companies want to appeal to more customers on the Web, and they’re spending a lot of money in a number of different places to attract those customers. As a result, a number of well-known companies that made their names in data – think Oracle and SAP – are eyeing the marketing technology space as a potentially significant source of new business.

Personalization is high on most companies’ to-do lists for 2016. With that has come a focus on providing customers with the next best action, rather than the next best offer. Each of these concepts requires a significant amount of data and technology to develop personal customer profiles and collect meaningful insights. A third trend likely to emerge as a result of the growing desire to get a hold on data is the entrance of big names in data aggregation and analysis into the marketing technology space. In this LinkedIn executive post, Jim Dicso, our president and chief revenue officer, looks into the state of digital marketing and highlights these three trends and how they’re likely to take shape in the coming year. Check out the article to read Jim’s full thoughts on what 2016 has in store for digital marketing and tell us what trends you are keeping an eye on in the new year.

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