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SundaySky Collaboration with AT&T and Amdocs Wins Consumer Billing Innovation Award

Jason Pineres July 18, 2012
SundaySky Collaboration with AT&T and Amdocs Wins Consumer Billing Innovation Award

New York, July 18, 2012 – SundaySky, the creator of SmartVideo, today announced with Amdocs and their customer AT&T, a premier communications holding company, the joint win of the Global Telecoms Business 2012 Consumer Service Award, Consumer Billing Innovation.

“SundaySky, AT&T and Amdocs were recognized for the video bill service created for new customers of AT&T’s U-verse® service,” said Alan Burkitt-Gray, editor of Global Telecoms Business. “This is a remarkable project that is designed to help customers understand their billing statement by explaining it with a video.

Amdocs’ billing systems deployed at AT&T, including the Amdocs document designer system, feed customers’ billing information into SundaySky’s SmartVideo technology, enabling AT&T to deliver real-time, personalized, narrated video bills to U-verse customers. The goal of the video is to make customers’ bills easier to understand, so they can spend less time reviewing paperwork and more time enjoying their U-verse services. A link to the video bill is emailed to the customer, and it is also available on the customer’s online account at

“The AT&T U-verse video bill represents a first-of-its-kind experience for consumers,” said Rebecca Prudhomme, vice president of product and solutions marketing at Amdocs. “Through collaboration between Amdocs, SundaySky and AT&T at the AT&T Foundry® innovation center, this innovative service was delivered to consumers in just a few months time.”

“In a recent customer service survey, we received a 90 percent satisfaction rating with the video bills,” said Deno Hairston, director – digital experience marketing, AT&T. “With this new video technology, we also received fewer phone calls regarding billing issues from U-verse customers.“

“SundaySky’s SmartVideo technology allows brands like AT&T to proactively address the complexity of invoice administration with a video presentation of billing statements. These personalized, real-time videos explain usage in a format that balances information and entertainment, increasing the user’s experience and loyalty with the brand,” said Jim Dicso, president and chief revenue officer of SundaySky.

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