The Next Wave in Programmatic Advertising

Rachel Eisenhauer January 03, 2016
The Next Wave in Programmatic Advertising

Why do people block ads? They’re annoying. They ruin the experience. And, most importantly, they’re not relevant. Sixty-four percent of people on the Web use ad-blocking software. This is bad news for publishers, advertisers and even consumers. Poorly placed, broadly targeted ad content frustrates users, takes exposure from advertisers and costs publishers money. How do we solve this? The answer may be programmatic personalization.

Standing out on the Web has quickly become the difference between successful companies and ones that fail. With so many people ignoring ads altogether, the challenge is even more pronounced. The solution, though, can be found in data. Creating personalized user profiles, which factor in all available data, helps deliver the most relevant content, highlighting the products and services most likely to compel conversion. Combining this concept with programmatic ad buying can boost ROI on ads by positioning the right message with the right audience at the right time and at the right cost. In this LinkedIn executive post, our chief marketing officer, Jeff Hirsch, analyzes the motivation behind ad blocking, as well as the challenges to personalizing programmatic ads. Read Jeff’s article and share your thoughts on bringing personalization principles to programmatic advertising.

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