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Why SundaySky for
Video Advertising?

Our video advertising platform accelerates content production, deepens creative personalization and automates data-based creative and targeting decisions to maximize performance.


The SundaySky Video Platform enables data-driven video to be built in days, with or without existing creative assets. We make it easy to scale creative across audiences, screens and campaigns with a platform pre-integrated with data, measurement and creative partners for turnkey activation of your strategy. Leverage SundaySky’s creative services team – or take it on yourself – either way our domain expertise and best practices are baked right into the platform.

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Optimize creative and ad-serving decisions with limitless combinations and diverse datasets like geo-location, audience behavior, engagement and channel. All decisions are optimized with our intelligent AI engine on the fly so that you can focus on strategy and not worry about complex campaign setups.

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SundaySky’s DSP ad-server is specialized for driving video performance. It offers the most granular video targeting capabilities for individuals – not just segments – to maximize performance against every media dollar spent. More importantly, it works in conjunction with our video creation platform to build, choose and optimize creative serving decisions on the fly for channels like programmatic desktop, mobile and Connected TV (CTV).

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Prioritize Higher Match Rates

Proprietary ID graph synchronized with leading identity solutions keeps media strategy on track. Further minimize data loss with the option to consolidate DSP, ad-serving and dynamic creative optimization (DCO) within the SundaySky Video Platform.

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The SundaySky Video Platform ingests hundreds of data signals to optimize both targeting and creative content to deliver on the KPIs that matter the most, all in real-time. Our AI engine does the work to reduce manual efforts for your teams and makes campaign, creative and ad-serving decisioning a breeze. Campaigns can be tagged with any tracking and attribution pixels to fit seamlessly within your measurement partner ecosystem. We believe in full transparency and can deliver any reporting needs and requirements including breakdowns by creative, by publisher, by day, and more.

“We are very focused on driving results. We are able to measure important KPIs like revenue, conversions on our website, as well as as foot traffic to our stores. It’s not just about showing an ad and seeing how does someone engage with the ad. It’s about actual revenue.”

Senior Manager, Media Buying at Staples

Put Your Data
to Work

It’s time to amplify your advertising strategy with data-driven, dynamic video that outperforms your digital benchmarks and engages your prospects and customers. Discover what’s possible and book a demo to see the power of SundaySky’s Video Platform in action.

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