10 Ways to Use Personalized Video to Help Consumers Go Back to School

Rachel Sullivan August 19, 2015
10 Ways to Use Personalized Video to Help Consumers Go Back to School

The back-to-school season, one of the largest consumer shopping holidays, is well underway. Because of the shopping propensity, consumers are shown numerous ads across many channels. This creates a lot of marketing clutter and means brands must find a way to stand out.

Marketers know that higher frequency does not always mean more impact. In fact, the best way to stand out is by engaging consumers with a relevant message based on their – or their child’s – grade level that matters to them in the moment. Compelling personalized stories that are delivered through an engaging medium, such as video, and tailored to each individual will break through the back-to-school marketing noise.

With this in mind, we compiled 10 ways brands can use personalized video engagement in their back-to-school campaigns. And remember – the back-to-school season isn’t just for retailers. Brands across industries from travel to banking can make an impact by engaging grade-school students, college students and parents. Take a look:

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