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SundaySky Introduces Generative AI to Assist and Accelerate Video Creation

Rachel Eisenhauer June 20, 2023
SundaySky Introduces Generative AI to Assist and Accelerate Video Creation

The video personalization leader builds upon its platform’s native AI capabilities for an easier, more efficient video planning process

NEW YORK – June 20, 2023 – SundaySky, the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for efficient video creation and personalization, today announced the beta release of its generative artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, Copilot, for its platform customers. The beta version of Copilot facilitates faster and easier user-driven video creation through conversational text prompts and is directly integrated into the SundaySky platform workflows, saving customers time and scaling the creative process. This release augments the Company’s existing AI features for video creation, including text-to-speech voiceover narration and music selection – all native capabilities and necessary tools for non-video experts to easily build and deploy professional-looking, high-quality video at scale. 

Marketers know what they want to communicate to which audiences, but how they translate that into video is often where they get stuck if they lack prior experience with the medium. This beta – driven by extensive customer feedback – is designed to ease that pain point and starts with SundaySky users’ initial planning workflow to help distill an idea into a fully realized video that can be further edited, personalized and published. Copilot accelerates productivity and time-to-impact for users who think like marketers and can now act like video creators. 

SundaySky is focused on keeping its users in the driver’s seat, to choose to be assisted by Copilot at their discretion. Unlike other newer video tools that are born from AI, SundaySky pioneered video personalization for businesses over a decade ago and recognizes that both audience segmentation and 1:1 individualization rely on a mixed creative approach with a variety of media, motion graphics and data visualizations to convey complex ideas in a contextually relevant way. The Company does not intend to take video creation out of the hands of its customers, but fundamentally believes that AI is an efficiency accelerator for its business users to stimulate their creativity, scale the quality of their video content and widen the diversity of their media mix. 

SundaySky will engage with customers through the beta period as it expands and integrates the feature into its other workstreams. “We will add AI assistants to further streamline the creation experience, video personalization, and optimization, extending Copilot into the end-to-end video lifecycle and empowering users to choose when they use AI for specific workflows,” said Megan Weil, VP of Product Management at SundaySky. “By marrying the speed and simplicity of generative AI to the proven power of personalized video engagement, marketers can keep up with the exponential market demand for video content and businesses can accelerate their time to value for quality digital video.”

Today, demands for unique and new content supporting social, paid media and customer engagement grow at a rapid pace, and the ability to efficiently create highly engaging and quality content is a competitive edge for marketers in any industry. “With the introduction of our self-service video authoring and personalization platform two years ago, we’ve seen our customers leverage video in new and compelling ways. Recently, we’ve seen customers use video to optimize search campaigns, add personalized video to their account based marketing programs and leverage personalized video to impact student acceptance; these are all video use-cases born from our customers’ business needs and our users’ creative ideas that came to fruition by putting video creation in their hands,” said Jim Dicso, CEO of SundaySky. “Now with Copilot, marketers can continue to elevate their creativity and knock down barriers to meeting the rising demands for video, even with smaller teams and leaner budgets.”

The Copilot beta is available today for all SundaySky platform customers. To learn more or to request a demo of the SundaySky Video Platform, go to

About SundaySky

SundaySky empowers businesses to create, personalize and distribute video at scale efficiently and independently. We make it simple for users to create high-quality, professional-looking video without prior experience and easy for businesses to operationalize a cost-effective video content engine. The SundaySky Video Platform is AI-enabled authoring software, embedding creative expertise with powerful personalization capabilities to improve viewer engagement and increase operational efficiencies by reducing reliance on resource-intensive production models. Growing businesses and leading brands alike, including 1-800 Contacts, Bank of America, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Okta, SmileDirectClub, Staples, UnitedHealthcare and many others, have adopted SundaySky to drive efficient growth with video.

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