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Students crave video. So, why aren’t you using it to more effectively reach them? SundaySky’s Platform makes video production, optimization, and distribution for Higher Education easier than ever. Whether you’re a marketing leader that’s never worked with video or a video expert, transform the way you engage your student body throughout their journey with your institution—from applicants to alumni. 

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Video is the optimal tool for reaching out to prospective students and maintaining connections with alumni, and SundaySky’s platform allows your administration to activate applicant, student, and alumni profile data for a highly relevant, personalized video experience. Our video creation tool puts the platform power in your hands, making performance-driven video simple and easy without traditionally required video production experience. 

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Drive Student Enrollment

Personally engage students the moment they are accepted to your college or university with the most engaging medium: video. Convey the top reasons why students should join your institution, highlight the most relevant courses based on the student’s preferences and interests, and drive the next-best actions such as online account creation and deposit submission. Text-based communications often come across as cold and impersonal—and are thus easy to ignore. That’s why embedding SundaySky’s video experiences in email has been shown to boost email conversions by 37%.

Video Experience Benefits:

  • Increased benefit awareness
  • Increased enrollment rate amongst accepted students
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Welcome & Onboard Students

Create positive connections from the very start of your student relationships. Video experiences offer a warm welcome and guide new students through the onboarding process, highlighting important steps to take before the semester starts such as orientation sign-up, meal plan selection, tuition amounts with due dates, and more value-added tools. Provide the important information every student needs at those crucial moments of introduction to foster positive impressions from the get-go.


Video Experience Benefits:

  • Increased engagement with the content they need to consume
  • Increased program and loyalty spending at school
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Engage Alumni & Grow Donation Value

Be proactive and strengthen alumni relationships by keeping alumni and other stakeholders engaged with personalized messages that increase financial contributions and keep them connected to your school. SundaySky’s Video Platform can use individual information to dynamically personalize videos to alumni based on their experience at your institution and post-graduation. 

Video Experience Benefits:

  • Increased alumni association engagement
  • Incremental alumni donations and contributions

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